Index Page Customization

Hi everyone, I'm very new to elgg and fairly thick when it comes to coding.  I have managed to cut and paste code and alter some things in the past. I would like to have an uncluttered index page with the login box on the left and a large image on the right displaying headlines and bullets, perhaps a flash object.  I would also like to replace the text title with an image logo.  I can't find info about these two ideas. Can anyone direct me to helpful info?  I suppose I'm looking for an easy explanation of the anatomy of the index page.


  • If you are using 1.6, it has a custom index widget in the mods. To change the title to an image you can add a background pic to the css file. It is in the views/default folder. There is a line in the header.php located in views/default/page_elements that you need to delete to get rid of the title.

    In the css modify this section:


    Add this to it:

     background:url(<?php echo $vars['url']; ?>_graphics/header.gif);

    Now create your image, name it header.gif and place it in your _graphics folder

    under the #layout_header make sure you change the height  to reflect the height of your graphic and it should be no wider than 990px.

    hope this helps 

  • It looks to me asif you've given it to me on a plate. I am most grateful. It's this sort of help which will enable me to understand better the structure of elgg. Thanks.

    It isn't showing up for some reason. I got rid of the title text OK, but it's left me with an empty header.

    I have Custom Index plugin disabled, is that the problem?

    Yes, it was!

  • you are very welcome. Glad i can help. You can always send me a personal message if you have a problem 

  • Great topic! I was wondering if anyone knows how to modify the external pages mod so that rather than display what you put in those text boxes, you are redirected to another page on the web when the link is clicked. I am using Elgg 1.6 on Ubuntu. Thank you

  • Go to: mod/externalpages/views/default/expages/footer_menu.php


    Change the links to go where ever you want.

  • Hi all,

    Can anyone advise how to add an image on the index page above latest activity (I'm using the default index page and not custom_index). What file is it that I need to edit and do I just need to insert some standard HTML (i.e. img src=.....) ?

    Thanks in advance

  • Thanks hottie, it worked great

  • What about this, for editting the link that takes you to the frontpage, I found that there is an editfront.php in the forms in external pages. Am I looking in the right place or where else would that be?

  • Rilo,

    check out this link - it also shows how to do custom advertising on your page. It works well.

  • Hi all , I am new to PHP and Elgg,
    any how, i managed to install, Elgg and now to ready for development. First thing is to customised the Login Page.
    As recommonded, i have used plug in. name "Index1"
    in this directory there is "view/default/Index1/css.php". the css.php contains

    #myLogo {
     text-decoration: none;
    background-image:url url('<?php echo $vars['url']; ?> mod/index1/graphics/header.gif');

    and offcourse there is "graphics/header.gif"

    and i modifed my index.php and start.php accordingly. these are working.

     $login = elgg_view("account/forms/login");
     $logo =elgg_echo("<div id='myLogo' >Here Logo will be Placed</div>");
        //display the contents in our new canvas layout
     $body = elgg_view_layout('new_index',$logo,$login);


    The text "Here Logo will be Placed" is displayed and then login control is displayed, but i am unable to display image.

    Can someone help me????????