File profile/small.jpg (0) is missing an owner!


When ever I open the Members list on my Elgg 1.6.1 installation, it gives me the following error:

File profile/small.jpg (0) is missing an owner!

Can anyone Help?


  • Is this elgg community broken? When I select Tools/Members and then any of the 288X numbers, I get this same error you are all talking about here ..


    File profile/small.jpg (0) is missing an owner!

    Cash said above " No glitch with 1.7. If this happens on the Members page, you most likely have a user without a username. The Elgg core should prevent that from ever happening so the most likely cause is a server crash during a write operation."
    And thus, if there is no glitch in 1.7, then is there a server crash problem here in this site that is causing this, or is there in fact something in 1.7 that is causing this --something we need to keep an eye out for?

  • edit the user using mysql. i did solve some of this problem before by edit mysql

  • @Alfirus -- if your instruction was intended for me regarding my prior message, I can not edit the user using mysql because I am not the owner of this elgg community - and when I say "this" I mean "this one" that we are using right now. Go above, select Tools and then select Members and then press page 2888. You'll see the error. My question is -- why do we get that error here on this elgg site, and is this something I need to worry about for my sites?

  • @Ron - this site was started with Elgg 1.0 and there have been bugs fixed in the different versions. Sometimes those bugs left behind bad stuff in the database. I think Elgg 1.7 is the best yet at handling this kind of stuff. It does look like there is some garbage in the Elgg community database that needs to be cleaned out.

    I've been running a site starting with Elgg 1.1 and have never had any database issues like this.

  • I just used a slightly modified version of Cash's plugin to fix this :)

  • Got the same problem.

    Solveby running this quick comparison:

    SELECT *
    FROM `elggentities`
    WHERE TYPE LIKE '%user%'
    ORDER BY guid DESC
    LIMIT 0 ,2000

    SELECT *
    FROM `elggusers_entity`
    ORDER BY guid DESC
    LIMIT 0 , 2000

    compared the columns

    Changed in elggentities orphan guid [s] to enable=no