Lots of spam members

I have a lot of members and I am here not talking about some hundreds, but in thousands, the majority of them are Asmar members. Is there a way to delete them all without deleting my account and some other accounts that I am sure of their credibility, or a way to delete inactive members who registered and did not return after that, or any effective way to get rid of them? Make databases huge and consume a lot of resources

  • 1 - You can use the search on /admin/users/newest and delete 'spammers' via user hover menu.

    2 - There's this fork of Bulk User Admin plugin.

    Try it, maybe it works. If not, it's not hard to update it to be compatible with the latest


  • 1- I want a way to delete members at once with some exceptions

    2 - The addon does not work on the latest version

  • 1 - I want a way to delete them at once
    2- The extension does not work on the latest version
  • Learn a bit of programming yourself if you want a tool specifically for your very special need or hire a developer to do the job for you.

    If you can do it in more than one go but with a few more deleted in at once, you can call the newest users page with setting the limit a bit higher. Use the url


    and there will be 50 users listed per page that you could delete at once. Better not try more at the same time to not getting memory issues.

    If you need to get older users displayed, you can do it with


    to get the next 50. Just increase the number after offset to get the next batch etc.

    if you know that all users you want to delete have for example used a specific email domain, you can also use the search field to let only specific users displayed, e.g.


    If you have many thousands of spam users, you should have reacted much earlier. For the future you should use the Spam Login Filter plugin. If you use it you should register at the stopforumspam site to get an api key and then not simple delete spam users but use the "report and delete" function of the Spam Login Filter plugin. Then the spammers can't register again with the same data. The plugin won't prevent all spammers from registering, but it should help to reduce the number of spammers registering successfully at least significantly.