Error when logging into upgrade.php

After I made a transfer and when I log in to upgrade.php

This message appeared and changed the look of the site without style, just words
You must update your .htaccess file (use install/config/htaccess.dist as a guide).

  • I use shared hosting
    How do I change file permissions?

  • As shown in the pictures, the site is working normally before the upgrade . process

  • Changing file permissions is a basic knowledge of server administration. How to do it exactly depends on the tools available on your server to do administration tasks and if you have shell access or not. We can't help you with every simple questions. Google it or ask the support of your webhoster to explain to you how you can change the file permissions of the data directory and its content for the webserver to be able to fully access everything in it. They should be able to tell you easily how to do that in your webspace on their server. You should also ask them if the server config uses SELinux and / or PHP's open_basedir to protect the files from access. The hoster should help you here AND NOT US!!!

  • I checked the permissions and see that they are correct Is there a specific file that I am modifying the volumes in

  • I don't know what you mean with "volumes".

    Are you really sure that the permissions are correct? It seems to me that you are always rather quick to say that everything is fully correct on your server.

    I also don't know if I fully understand the problem. Is the site always displayed as text only since you run upgrade.php or is it happening only immediately after you executed upgrade.php and then the site recovers again? Maybe you should also look into the Apache and/or PHP error log to see if there's an entry made at the time you run upgrade.php. It could be that upgrade.php does not finish successfully and stops in the middle resulting the cache not being rebuild automatically for the current page.