Error when logging into upgrade.php

After I made a transfer and when I log in to upgrade.php

This message appeared and changed the look of the site without style, just words
You must update your .htaccess file (use install/config/htaccess.dist as a guide).

  • It is not clear how to solve the problem. Please clarify the steps

  • Thus, the look of my site became even though I did all the steps shown in the tutorials, but when I did upgrade.php, the look of the site became like this

  • I would also like to ask another question, can the same method of restoring the site work with webmin

  • Elgg can't access the data directory or the cache folders within the data directory. Therefore, you get the site displayed without CSS styling etc. seemingly text only.

    The question is if Elgg can't access the data directory content because the access permissions set for the files and folders on your server are not set correctly (that's what Nikolai was referring to) or if you haven't followed all instructions about how to move your site fully and correctly.

    You need to update some database entries if the paths on the filesystem to the Elgg root folder and/or the data directory are different on the new server. And starting on Elgg 3 you also need to make sure that the path set in elgg-config/settings.php for data directory is correct (if different on new server you need to change).

    Changes in .htaccess are only necessary if you had made any modifications on your own that contain path related data. If you not only moved the site to another server but thought to upgrade to an new major Elgg version at the same time though, this might problems not related to the server move and therefore not explained in the corresponding instructions. Never move and change Elgg version at the same time!

    Any administration tools on the server won't help. It's a matter to fix within the Elgg installation (database, install and data folders).


  • I followed the steps in detail
    Also, the site after the transfer process appears normally, but when you do the upgrade.php lines, the site turns into this shape. I also entered my account and logged in. I think this indicates that the database rules were linked correctly or what

  • If you haven't changed the Elgg version but only changed the server, the only thing that happens when calling upgrade.php is that the cached files from the "caches" folder within the data directory will be removed as they might contain references to paths now no longer valid. If the data directory is correctly accessible both for reading and writing by the webserver, the caching will automatically start again. But if the webserver can't fully access the data directory (either because you haven't set the file and directory permissions right or because the path to the data directory has changed on the new server and you haven't correctly updated the paths everywhere) the cacing can't be done and Elgg will not be able to cache for example CSS files and therefore your site looks text only.

  • A week ago I also duplicated Elgg on a new vps and had very similar symptoms and more.

    I visited the site before the upgrade and it looks OK. I also flushed the caches and then run upgrade.php and .... the problems started.

    I did the whole duplication again from the beginning and followed exactly the docs instructions, i.e. I run the upgrade.php before visiting the site and all the problems disappeared.

    Try and enjoy :)

  • Reuven The problem you presented is similar to mine, but I tried reinstalling and it still exists
    The site works normally after the transfer process and appears in its normal appearance

    But after entering upgrade.php, this problem appears. I would also like to add that later if I go to the site, it works normally again and appears normally.

  • I visited your site and again it is not working well. As iionly suggests - make sure that the data file is accessible.

    Have you tried to reboot the system?