We are looking for developer(s) to create new plugins for our Elgg site

Hi developers!


as a summer project, we would like to build a prototype for a platform where people can find peers to work on projects together. 

Now we need an experienced developer to make some adjustments for Elgg to create some new tools and functions.


At the moment we have the following tasks:


1. Changing the login page

2. Add group chat functionality (chat plugin already existing)

3. Google Docs integration

4. Messages to Admins after certain trigger events

5. Zoom call integration

6. Add invitations to events

7. Individualized profile and group pages

8. Integration of a tag system

9. Add functionality to invite people to events

10. Integration of functionality to plan events (basic functionality already existing)

11. Basic design work (like changing colors and fonts)


After that some new tasks may appear as we will test the platform with different users. Maybe we would also need you to maintain and improve performance of the platform.


As you can see the project is not short term. Our current timeline is about 2-3 months.


If you are interested don't hesitate to contact us to discuss. Please also let us know if you know someone suitable for this job.







Professional Services

Professional Services

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