How to increase the size of the blog post ?

URL : . Sometimes my large blog post gets cut . How can I increase the size of my blog post ?

  • Blog post size is limited by column type in the database that holds the content of the post. Before Elgg 3 a blog post was saved in the objects_entity table as type TEXT (maximum length 64kB). Larger posts would only be possible by changing the type used for this column (I can't tell how this would have to be done because I don't know it myself AND I also don't know if it's even safe to do it or if it breaks the site completely!!!). With Elgg 3 the blog posts are saved in the metadata table as type LONGTEXT (I think that allows up to 4GB). Maybe it would make sense at some point to upgrade you Elgg 1.8 site to some newer version of Elgg...

  • Thanks for this helpful information.