HELP!!! Newbie having dropbox login issue using Elgg version 3.3.16

Hi guys, I am new to Elgg and I am really loving it. I just got a what seems to be a minor issue, but I cannot find a post giving advice on how to fix it.

Issue is: The login drop box form disappears when entering the password (and sometimes upon entering the user name) when using mobile phones with browsers Chrome and Firefox. It also happens on the desktop once in a while but not as bad as on mobile.

I tried installing the older version of Elgg (2. somthing) and it works fine. But i really love the look and feel of the latest version.

Any response will be greatly appreciated. If there is a plugin of some sort that will fix this please let me know. Or a file/code than needs to be edited (i know it's not a common practice) please let me know.

Meantime, as a "not so clean but will do the job solution" I am adding another menu option called "Login" and pointing it to the regular login page.

Again, thanks so much.

Leandro (DungBL)