500 internal server error

hello guys!

i started my own community at www.pakhtuns.com, everyting was running fine so far but then one day these 500 internal server errors coming up. now when i click something somewhere i get this 500 internal server error with..

"The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request."

this doesnt happen all the time at a fixed point, but can occur anytime anywhere with anything. Like it is not a fixed recurring problem with one specific plugin or link but occurs with mail, msging, dashboard and so on...

it just happened when  i tried to put a msg on a mesage board, the error logs says this..


File does not exist: /home/urlboos1/public_html/pakhtuns.com/500.shtml, referer: http://www.pakhtuns.com/pg/messageboard/Sana


seems to me like mod_rewrite error but then its not permanent and only happens once in a while, except a littlre more regularly and with lots of stuff..


any help  ``???



  • Your on a cpanel server. Whats happening is that i am willing to bet the webhost has a process limit of 25 concurrent active processes.  When you hit that you will get a 500 error due to the recource limit.

    if you use imap for email dont. Its a resource hog on cpanel boxes.

  • @dimentox:


    but we are only 32 users now, we are only testing it and refining our site.. at any given time, there aint more than 3 users logged in..can it still be the cpanel process thing?

    but tell me one more thing, should i be sure that its not about the code or pplugins, its about the host.



    @Dhrup: yeah, im already onto that.. the host also sucks