Hello, I am in version 2.3 under php 5 I put CAPTCHA

I did the update and clear the cache I am with the theme

easy theme 2 I put captcha above easy as well as

login required but nothing happens what should be



  • Easy theme plugin might override the videos used by the Captcha plugin to extend the register/lost password pages with the captcha input. Does it work with the Easy theme plugin disabled?


    I disabled easy theme 2 and the captcha does not work

  • Which captcha plugin are you using? Is this plugin - AND the version you have installed - compatible with Elgg 2? What exactly "does not work"? Is the captcha input not displayed on the registration page (or whereever you expect it) or is it shown and the submit of the form with captcha input does not work? Has it worked before - if yes which version of Elgg and which version of the plugin?


  • I am under elgg 2.3
    the pluing is
    <? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
    - <plugin_manifest xmlns = "">
    <name> Captcha </name>
    <id> captcha </id>
    <author> iionly (for Elgg 1.8 and newer), Curverider Ltd </author>
    <version> 2.3.4 </version>
    <category> security </category>
    <description> Provides captcha support (requires php_gd library). </description>
    <website> </website>
    <copyright> (C) iionly 2012, (C) Curverider 2008 </copyright>
    <license> GNU Public License version 2 </license>
    - <requires>
    <type> elgg_release </type>
    <version> 2.3.0 </version>
    - <requires>
    <type> priority </type>
    <plugin> login required </plugin>
    <priority> before </priority>
    all conditions are met
    nothing appears on the login page or after login
    this is my first use
  • Now you have posted only which plugin you use but not answered any of my other questions.

    The Captcha plugin of mine in version 2.3.0 should definitely work on Elgg 2.3.

    If you have updated from an older version of the Captcha plugin without completely replacing the captcha plugin folder (just copy the new version over the old version) it might cause the problem. So, deactivate the Captcha plugin, then delete the captcha plugin folder. Only then copy the new version to the server again and activate the plugin again.

    If it still doesn't work, deactivate ALL other 3rd party plugins you have installed. Only keep the Captcha plugin enabled. Does it work now? If yes, one of the other 3rd party plugins you use causes the problem (either this plugin is not compatible with Elgg 2.3 or not correctly installed). You can find out with plugin it is by activating the plugins again one at a time.

    If the Captcha still doesn't work with all other 3rd party plugins disabled, I'm at a loss what could be the reason for the problem.


    Hello, I deleted the directories of the 2 plugins

    unzip the 2 zip of the 2 plugins

    I have disabled all the plugins, I have validated login

    required and captcha

    I did an upgrade and clear the cache

    and the result is the same no captcha


    the librarry GD is also very active


    • Captcha 

      Provides captcha support (Requires the php_gd library).

    • Login Required 

      Requires site visitors to be logged in to view the site. The only pages accessible without being logged in are the starting page, registration and forgotten password pages and the external pages (About, Terms, Privacy).


  • I have no idea why it should not work for you. I have absolutely no problem with the Captcha plugin and I can't fix something I don't see. Check the server error log (Apache and/or PHP error log) if there's anything in the logs telling more about what might be wrong. And again: have you really tested with ALL OTHER 3rd party plugins including Easy Theme disabled at the same time? I still think the most likely reason it does not work for you is some other plugin.

    And if you expect anything on the login page or after login, there is NO CAPTCHA ON THE LOGIN PAGWE! The captcha is ONLY on the registration page (for creating a new account) and on the lost password page.


    okay it is on the registration page and forgot password I thought it would also be on the login page A +

  • does putting the CAPTCHA prevent wild inscriptions
  • I also use the Spam Login Filter plugin. I believe this plugin prevents most spammers from registering (you need a StopForumSpam acount to be able to report spammers if they ever get through and you should definitely report any spammers to prevent them from returning and also to help other site owners). The Captcha plugin might just be a little additional help. But I can't say for sure because I have no statistics about failed account creation attempts of spammers due to the captchas.