Install and make Elggchat and Elgg Multisite work for us.

We are a talent platform and have implemented Elgg for the social interaction of employees and ElggChat for the messaging.

We face the Bonito issue in Elgg Multisite and have to turn it off/on to get the admin panel and Elgg tenant working.

Our Elggchat is not working...old instances it's working. New ones we create it doesn't work, when we click on a person's name to start a chat conversation, the session id is 'null' and not returning a session id (number) so unable to use chat else it just doesn't showup the name for the session.

We would like you to reinstall on our AWS EC2 instance - Elgg, Elgg Multisite and Elggchat for us and make it work. Would like you to start immediately. Please write back to us -

Best / Linda

  • Please consider thoroughly if you want to use Multisite. It has never been officially supported, probably never fully worked and it is definitely no longer supported on Elgg 3 at all! If you use Multisite, you are stuck with Elgg 2 and with the release of Elgg 4 (probably not happen too soon but surely one day) you will no longer get any support for Elgg 2 (not even security fixes) and are at a dead end with Multisite.

    I can't help with getting Elggchat to work with Multisite (I see it as time wasted for nothing to be honest). I just wanted to make this clear. I hope you'll find someone to do the job if you really want to stick with Multisite. But maybe it would be better to try it without it.

  • Dear Linda,

    i totally agree with @iionly. Multisite (if that really is what you use) is no longer part of Elgg (since v3). You seriously need to consider updating your site. That way, if there are issues, you have more change to get help/support on this community.

  • I totally agree with @iionly and @jeroen


    While I am also not a support of multisite installation ( which is not supported by elgg) I have done a small setup for my multisite project by using VestaCP API for database and vhost generation and use .htacess to redirect request to the central elgg instance , that way I can kinda use multisite without effecting elgg itself 


    Note: each of my multisite vhost have there own elgg config file automatically generated via PHP script , hope this helps 



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