Issue with displaying JSON data using Internet Explorer 11

System Info: Elgg 3.3.8, PHP 7.4.11, Apache 2.4

I don't know if anyone has an issue displaying JSON API's data on IE 11 or not. When I clicked https://mysite/services/api/rest/json/?method=my_method, it pops up a dialog asking to open or save the JSON file instead of displaying the JSON data in the browser window. I clicked the open option, it does not open the JSON file at all. I also have XML format (https://mysite/services/api/rest/xml/?method=my_method) to display API data and it works as expected.

I tested the same API call using Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge and none of them have no issue displaying JSON data. 

Any ideas why JSON data does not display on IE 11?


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Beginning Developers

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