Yo, whats up with my unsolved topic?

Below is the link to my previous post, that have been left un-answered. I'm seriously contemplating leaving this Community and contribute to Drupal. At least they don't mess up your Apache Logs like elgg do, etc. At first glance elgg seems really nice, but becomes a nuisance. I'm just fed up of fixing it's poor coding, and quite frankly I don't have the time anymore.


  • I know. I'm thinking of swithing to Joola social.  I've been asking the community to have a FORUM feature rather than this group style forum. I've been requestig this feature for months.  Such a basic Forum feature where users don't have to join a group to discuss anything. Like Ning has a simple forum feature. I'm thiking of switchig to JOOMLA SOCIAL  if there is no FORUM in the new version. No good elgg developers they dont communicate.

  • Not to be a sour apple but a baby crawls, then walks, talks, so on and so on.  Would you go back to Windows 3.1.  I have seen elgg grow like a weed in the last year, just like an infant finding it's legs.  Each step a milestone in growth and power.  If you want an application that is fully developed go pay for one, just remember new generations usually out think and out preform older more aged generations.

  • well goofbucket you are right. baby crawls, the walks and so on . But it cannot do that properly if one of its leg is missing.  A normal FORUM is a basic necessity for a baby to be able to walk faster. It's a fundamental of social network to be able to interact quickly and share their thougths in an instant and contribute to the discussion in an instant.  Add the bells and whistles later like  google friends network, facebook connect and so on...What good facebook connect do it if they are able to login in quickly then only to find out it's hard to interact with the users. It took me a while how to post or reply to "forums" here. I finally figured out that ohhhh I need to join the group to post a comment. Thats rediculous.  If they already signed in with the network they should be able to post and contribeute to the forums within that netwokr withouth having to take an extra step. I love elgg but the very basic and simpleest but importnat  thing as a "leg" has been left out.

  • you know there is a plugin called vanilla forum. it works very well. why dont you check that out. groups are groups just like you would see on any other social network. If you were on myspace you would have to join a group to contribute to it, same on facebook or any other social network.

  • I agree with Goofbucket, It takes time. Have you been on the elgg test site. they are testing some new really great features. As far as a forum goes I am sure any of the basic open source forums can be adapted to work with elgg. I have bookmarked this and I will work on a forum for you. Give me a little time.  Send me some info on your choice of forums and i will give it a try.   

  • Fusion..and hottie..... i've worked with vanilla forum.  It is not the best solutions because it has some issues with tags and searchability from within your site.  also,  it needs to be customize to fit your elgg current themes. it took me hours to make my elgg header showed up on vanilla header forum, still not perfect. it does not go smoothley design wise with your elgg theme. You want your "forum" to look like a part of your site,not another website. not  a lot of us here know css. Oh and by the way. MYSPACE, FACEBOOK, NING, JOOMLA SOCIAL when they came out it already had a forum built in  because they know thats the  very fundamental feature of a social network that can make members  easily interact with each other.

  • funny took me about 20 minutes to match my theme..  header navigation..  everything another 20 minutes for some add ons from vanilla

  • @samantha I kind of think that may be the point.  Someone already did facebook, myspace.  Like I said if you want "out of the box" then maybe your right and your sweat is not worth the time.  In my time I have known many who have given up on elgg.  Maybe this is the road you need to take, but I'll bet you anything no matter where you go you will be better for having spent your time here.

    Me I kind of like, not being another facebook.

  • no. i'm not trying to look like facebook not at all. it's all about usability accisibility. do not reinvent the wheel.  would you drive a ferrari or lamborghini with no sterring wheel. No. Its great Its  valuable as elgg. But can't drive it. You can push it or tow it with vanilla.

  • I have to agree with Samantha. However, I would highly adivse you to switch to Drupal, since it's a million times better, than Joomla, and Elgg. I've worked with Joomla, Mambo, WordPress, Nucleus and OsCommerce, in depth.

    Elgg is very simple to theme. Anyone, who can code PHP, CSS, and use FireBug, can completely re-theme Elgg, within less than 30 minutes. My issue with elgg is not from a front-end design perspective, but from the back-end design, which will eventually impact the front-end. I have fixed many bugs with Elgg, I just haven't posted any on Elgg site, because I want to see how responsive this community is. And to me it's pretty dead. If you look at my thread link above, you'll see that I had to solve my own issue, and this is the only 1 I've posted, farless for the others. And now, I'm just fed up of fixing bugs. So I'm migrating to Drupal, and contribute to them instead. 

    The only reason, why I initially tried out Elgg, and did not go with Drupal in the first place, was because of how they have arranged their php classes, the Site Engine, is very easy to understand and has a good enough structure to work with from an Engineering pt. of view as oppose to some other CMS I've worked with. But they lack a lot, and is not worth the trouble.

    Better I go somewhere else where I don't have to fix all the bugs I encounter myself. At least Drupal is a real Community.

    With that being said, it's up to you all to choose his/her way, to each his/her own, and you all should really check out the support you can get from a Community before you decide upon using their product. If you can't get any at all. Then thats not a community and is not worth the trouble to use their product.

    Happy coding everyone.