Making Elgg Scalable by Hosting the Local Files that Elgg writes in to data directory to S3 Bucket of AWS Amazon

How do we do Hosting the Local Files that Elgg writes in to data directory to S3 Bucket of AWS Amazon

By Design Egg writes on local server that makes it slow and not scalable if we try to cloud like AWS, we need away to write all pictures, images, files everything that needs to go in bucket like S3 in AWS.

If any one built a serious scalable website with Elgg they would have encoutered this sisue we have with Elgg, if any one found a way to do this it would be great benifit to community, please kindly share your solution to make it Scalble by writing to s3 buckets as images gets piled up in local server hosted causing memory issues with default design of Elgg  

  • Thank you so Much ! i would like to know if i could make use of this with 2.3 version of elgg, its seems using 3.X , can you suggest few things to get hooked to 2.X version to make it wwork, thanks so much again, Appreciate your help on same in advance!

  • Hi I am gettting this errror which says "No photo selected" when trying to upload photos after installing this plugin... any idea how to get around and fix this ... error from file mod/tidypics/classes/TidypicsImage.php


    protected function checkUploadErrors($data) {
                    // check for upload errors
                    if ($data['error']) {
                            if ($data['error'] == 1) {
                                    trigger_error('Tidypics warning: image exceeded server php upload limit', E_USER_WARNING);
                                    throw new Exception(tvenkat_echo('tidypics:image_mem'));
                            } else {
                                    /*throw new Exception(tvenkat_echo('tidypics:unk_error'));*/
                                    throw new Exception(tvenkat_echo($data['error']));


  • 1 - I'm not a developer of this plugin.

    2 - What is?


    Must be

  • Yes Rectified that was trying some changes locally when things not working and playing with code without knowing php much, but after fixing this to elgg_echo i still see issue and according to github link you posted 

    here is the below info which says we need further modify this code : as below: so looks like its not a complete plugin ready to plug and play :( below is info from github link:


    To automaticly upload files to AWS S3 configure the S3 bucket settings and register the subtype of your entities with the plugin hook upload:subtypesaws:s3. This plugin hook should return an array of subtypes which implement ElggFile.

    There is a generic ElggFile delete event listener which will remove any uploaded file from AWS S3 if it get removed from the community.