Help needed!

I'm a young student who also happens to be a PHP coder, I want to create a project to enable my friends and I share Past Question Papers in .pdf format, i know ELGG can handle this easily but there are some issues I dont seem to understand like:

How to show recent files uploaded in my Year, Department, Faculty and School in a Dashboard widget (multi-tagging ?)
Show recent files tagged my courses
in a Dashboard widget i.e Physics
Allow Instructors mail us periodically in case they have a hint for us
Allow Administrator to moderate uploaded Past Questions first, so that we are double-sure of its usefulness

Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Seeing that MarkieMark (my first Elgg protege) seems to have disappeared from the Elgg mostly 90% of the time.. I have had the chance for DeMola to contact me for some tech Elgg advice.. Fine youngster along the same lines of thought leaning towards learning quickly.. he has done some fine coding that he has demonstrated for me ;-) He's a quick-study for Elgg/ PHP related tech stuff.. keep your on this young "kid" - he's < 20 yrs old and I reckon can shame lots of the older adults when it comes to Elgg/PHP code development ;-)