Help needed in setting up Cache path in settings.php

Hi, I need some help in configuring the cache path in elgg-config/settings.php

I hope, I need to do it as follows - can anyone confirm please?

$CONFIG->simplecache_enabled = true;

Thank you

  • Or do you have site like as Facebook/YouTube with traffic of a million users, lol ?

    Not yet, and i am not targetting such wide population. But, i still need my pages to load fast under decent load, as when you communicate the url to the public, for example on a facebook group, once people connect and notice it to be slow, they won't come back again and spread a negative impression on your site.

    One of the troubles i am facing, either with apache or nginx, is cache/_timestamp_/default/leafletjs and /cache/_timestamp_/default/fullcalendar never get loaded with error messages, when loaded directly, like "Asset must have a valid file extension" whichever browser i use, as these two files are served as application/octet-stream.

    It also happens to a lot of files to be served as application/octet-stream when enabling nginx's X-Accel-Redirect with X-Accel-Mapping or apache's X-Sendfile and some browsers refuse to interpret such files as js or css