Starting a new Elgg instance

Hello everyone,

I was pleased to learn that this community is still active and started an Elgg site for a new project. I am building on

I started a project several years ago using Elgg. It was a good learning experience and lead to good work in my community. Since then, I have been using Umbraco for the projects that were born on my Elgg site. My servers upgraded to PHP 7 and I do not know if it will be worth fixing but the break on the old site brought me back to this community to learn about 3.x.

I will be doing minimal branding with an emphasis on ADA accessibility, security, accurate and current SEO, Videos, simplicity, and sorting educational resources. I hope to find others with similar needs so we can share ideas.

Cheers from Reno, NV


Feedback and Planning

Feedback and Planning

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