Need Help

Hi..The text that appears in site wide message( site announcement) is black in color. The theme that i use for testing site is also black in color, so the text becomes invisible. I need to change the color of balck text to white text. i think i have change the hex value in css file (i guess its right), but i'm not able to spot it out.Pls help me...!

Thanks in advance

  • Depending, If you are talking about the site announcement located on Fusions Riverdashbaord, I think it can be changed in the plugin css. Located mod/riverdashboard/views/default/riverdashboard.

    The css for the entire site. is located views/default/. You can change the test colors for the entire site from there.

    But if your theme is controling this you will have to find the css file within the theme folder.

    On my site I built my own custom css file and everytime I download a plugin, I redo the css for it to match my site.

    Plugin css has first view over the main css.  

  • If you put html code in it it will work just use standard html and you should be able to change the color at least this is what I do and it works

    p.s. the  site announcement located on THE Riverdashbaord is standard elgg not from fusion as far as I'm aware

  • mj you are correct.  it is standard elgg. i have not touched it in my plugin.