Happy Birthday, Elgg!

A few days ago I decided to dive into the history of creation and development of Elgg.

Of course, the starting point was an article on Wikipedia.

But even the references that are mentioned there were not enough for me.

I've spent some time collecting information since the early days of Elgg.

But there's still a question - what day can be considered Elgg's birthday?

We have information about the Elgg community's birthday.

We know the dates of at least a few releases.

But still ...

Then I asked Ben Werdmuller about it and he replied in our conversation:

We released Elgg to the public in November 2004. 
I think it was November 19th. 
At that point it was just a hosted version at http://elgg.net
We took another six months to open source it and released that project in March 2005.
I would say Elgg's birthday is November 19, 2004.

So Happy birthday Elgg!

I created the Wall with the most important facts (IMO) of Elgg creation and development.

It was a very interesting journey into the history of Elgg.

Of course, it's impossible to collect absolutely everything about Elgg (I don't really think so) but I hope that this my small contribution will allow other Elgg fans to continue their own search.

I was really inspired by studying the events and reading posts/articles by people who pioneered Elgg.

Many thanks to founders for this product!
Great thanks to Elgg team of past and present!

Welcome all members to learn the timeline of Elgg roots ;)

If you have something to suggest, I will add it to the wall with great pleasure.
Also tell me if you find any mistakes there.

Elgg Memories