Need help customising Buddytalk

I've been setting up a gardening sn site at: (if you want logged in access to view please use the temporary username 'GhostTester' with the password 123456) I've just about completed most of the customising I need to do (and can cope with as a neewbie to the package) using the theme 'Buddytalk'

I now need to do a little bit more complicated work. I would like to:

1 > change the 'Tool' menu name to 'Menu'

2 > change the colour of the Elgg top toolbar to green (with corresponding changes to the items on the toolbar so that they can be displayed clearly

3 > move the menu down so that the banner graphic can be seen clearly and

4 > possibly add a few menu buttons to the main menu bar

Am I asking too much? If not can someone (possibly like the theme author Betty Jones) tell me where to find the css/ php files to do this in the Buddytalk theme.

Many thanks,


  • Susan my friend!

    You're still a shining pearl for me! You're probably right - I just joined the 'idiot's' group (name suits me fine!) And found the links work. I'll read up when I get a minute.

    The cache is something that I've already solved. That's a sneaky one! As for running upgrade.php - doesn't that revert you back to the default Elgg theme?



    (sorry I took so long to get back - that lack of hours in a day thing again!)


  • BigG THANKS Ill try your fix.  Yea they look better. Thanks.

  • No probs!

    Now a little more help for me please - from anyone.

    I'm having difficulty moving a search box that I've added. It needs to move from it's current possition to the .dd menu line (you'll see the space reserved for it). If you look at it, it's now parked on the header graphic. ( see: ).

    I've been trying for ages using Firebug to guide me but no success. I'm obviously missing something here, perhaps someone could give me a pointer?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Don't worry Folks! It's sorted.

    Went for a cup of tea, when I got back to my keyboard and started work I realised the solution was staring me in the face!! (Been trying to edit the wrong file - not taking enough time to read what was in front of me).

    The site is now nearly complete and will soon be launched. If you have any gardening friends send them along to :-)

  • Hi G!  I suffer from the lack of hours ailment too.  upgrade.php won't revert you back to default theme. It clears the cache.

    ps I agree with Samantha your site does look great.