After login submit not posting to the url in localhost xampp

I had an application running at http://localhost:8000 after clicking login button the data supposed to be posted to http://localhost:8000/action/login but it is not posting to that, instead the url changes to http://localhost:8000/action/login and reloaded in same page.

Any help would be appreciated,

  • I don't fully understand what you are asking for. You posted the same url twice, so I don't know which one you see when. The action/actions matter is something to do with rewrite rules and the difference between urls and filesystem paths. You would use action is urls but the folder is to be named actions. When registering an action correctly, Elgg should deal with action/actions correctly. When registering an action you would also have to define if the action can be called only by users logged in or also be logged-out anonymous visitors (or only by admins). If you have enabled the option to restrict access to pages to logged in users only, it would also happen that trying to access a page not defined as "public page" when not logged in will get you redirected to the login page.

  • Sorry, I had missed the rule in htaccess i.e. RewriteBase /

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