Too many pixels? Error.

PHP version 5.2.9   GD Enabled                                                 IMagick PHP extension Disabled   exec() Enabled
Memory Available to PHP 32MB
Memory Used to Load This Page 11.29 MB   Max File Upload Size 2MB   Max Post Size 8MB   Max Input Time 60 s   Max Execution Time 30 s
GD imagejpeg Enabled   GD imagepng Enabled   GD imagegif Enabled   EXIF Enabled

Elgg 1.6.1, TidyPics 1.6.4

The strangest thing happens when I try uploading a photo that's between 1 and 2 megs. I get the error Image has too many pixels.

I've looked but haven't found anyone else who mentioned this error. At first I thought it was similar to the issue discussed here but, after talking with slyhne, I think my issue is different.

I'm very grateful for any help or suggestions with my issue.

  • You are probably using GD as your image library and GD is a memory hog. An image can be small in number of bytes but large in the number of pixels which chokes GD when resizing the image. Either increase your memory or switch to ImageMagick.

  • Similar to slyhne in the post I referred to earlier, If I use ImageMagick, my uploaded photos simply turn into question marks. Also, I an not able to increase my memory; I've tried editing both .htaccess and php.ini but it has no effect. Is there anything else I can do to get things working? For the curious, I use

  • @Chris I am facing same issue as you are. did you find a solution to this problem?

  • @Tidypics Team, I have increased the memory limit as well and now when i upload an image, an image with questionmark comes. Any Idea?