SSL certificate

I just bought an SSL certificate for my website but I did not find any information about the changes that my Elgg 3.3.10 needs. Someone can help me?

  • Some Elgg pages displayed the "not secure" warning because they had images linked with "http: //" (without the "s"). It seems that everything works fine in the end, I am very grateful for your help!

  • I believe in some cases it can't be avoided that links without https exist. For any links referring to content on your own site you could put some effort (or a lot depending on the number of links) into updating the links. But if there are links to other sites it might not work to change the http to https if these sites are not yet supporting SSL.

    I see that you are using a Let's encrypt certificate. I have no experience with their certificates myself (as I got one for free from my hoster). But I came across some sites (also the Elgg community site here) where the automatic refreshing of the certificate failed (probably due to some faulty or missing configuration or the server admins forgot). The outdated certificates then resulted in the sites not being accessible until the certificate was renewed. The certificates might work for 3 or 6 months before they need to be renewed. So, you might want to make sure that this part of the Let's encrypt SSL certificate usage is also correctly configured on your server for the automatic refresh to work.