Site isn't processing correctly

I went to login to my site today and noticed it looks like the attached image. Any ideas? Error log is blank in root directory


  • Have you really done nothing at all? Any updates (Elgg, plugin, something on the server)?

    The site probably looks this way either because the rewrite module of the Apache webserver is not working as it should (not installed, not loaded, misconfigured) or some paths of your Elgg site folders have changed (most likely to the data directory) or the permissions to access/read/write to this folder have changed. Therefore, Elgg can't load (or write in the first place) the cached files (including css). Using SELinux to protect the file system access (and not configuring it correctly or changing the configuration) or using the open_basedir php variable to restrict folder access (php.ini starting to use it after some server update?) might also be possible reasons why access to the data directory gets lost.

    The error log in the root directory might be empty because the errors are written in a log somewhere else (Apache error log?). Maybe you want to ask the support of your webhoster if they can help you to make sure it's not a server issue (server updates, webserver config, error log location, usage of SELinux and/or open_basedir - or to make sure these are NOT used). Without any detailed insight to the server (and not knowing if anything changed as "suddenly" and "on its own" such issues don't start) it's not possible to exactly say what's wrong and how to fix it.

  • No, I haven't done anything. I haven't even used the site. Server has been the same for months. I am going to look around some more and see what I can find. I am logged in SSH checking permissions and such. Checking rewrite rules in htaccess and rewrite module seems to be fine. The only error I found was from Aug 3

    PHP Fatal error:  Default value for parameters with a class type hint can only be NULL in /vendor/elgg/elgg/engine/lib/filestore.php on line 77
  • Figured it out. datafolder/caches folder was set to 750 so I changed it to 755 and the site came up immediately. Thanks for the insight @iionly