Group Calendar

Hello, the question that I hope someone can answer or make a suggestion.

I am on an older version of ELGG using the 1.8 version of Event Calendar.  Any idea why calendar entries are not searchable?  They are reg as a type of object.  They are in the DB.





  • I can't test on Elgg 1.x anymore but I've just tested on Elgg 2.3 and I think it should be the same on Elgg 1.8. Elgg searches only the title and description fields by default. I could verify this behaviour, i.e. a search term used in the title or description of an event resulted in this event shown as a result of a search. But searching for a term used for example in the long description of an event did not resulted in this event being shown in a search result.

    For Elgg including other fields of an Event Calendar entry in a search it would be necessary to add a custom search hook to the plugin. I could add such a hook in a new release of Event Calendar (and quite likely will do when working on a Elgg 3 release hopefully soon) but I'm afraid I will no longer work on any new releases of the Event Calendar plugin for Elgg 1.x.