web services custom URL

Hi everyone,

I am learning how to build a web service on elgg. So I am using the reference documentation provides by elgg (http://learn.elgg.org/en/latest/guides/web-services.html#building-out-your-api) .

Based on the documentation, in the following url, test.echo is the exposed method. http://yoursite.com/services/api/rest/json/?method=test.echo&string=testing

I issue is the following.

I want to have a custom url. rather that http://yoursite.com/services/api/rest/json/?method=test.echo&string=testing, I want to have something like http://yoursite.com/services/wopi/files/61/?method=test.echo&string=testing

where 61 is and entity guid.

How can I implement custom url for my web service ?


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Beginning Developers

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