Site Speed.



This is an issue I can not seem to resolve on my own, and I would like some help please.

My site is slow very slow.

I have many plugins installed so it could be any of these, It could be my server, or any of many reasons.

I use a site called Pingdom Tools to test my site and compare with other elgg site and my site takes around 17 seconds to load the front page.

If I disable all plugins site loads in around 5 seconds.

I have enabled cache for sql.

I have tried many things including have zero content on front page, the test of removing all content from front page comes with speed of 15 seconds. 

I run elgg 1.6.1, but then I have had this problem since installation.


Server Specs are

VPS - A2hosting

Pinacle plan

1GB Ram

1GB Swap

Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           E5420  @ 2.50GHz

PHP 5.2.6



plenty of diskspace but not raid from what I understand.


Please advise what I can try, I am really desperate, my users love the site but hate the wait.


Site url for testing is

Thank you in advance.

Kiwi Chris.


I forgot to add I have site cache on, and I use vazco main page, but I have ruled the mainpage widget out as not being the cause.  Infact the site runs slow with the default main page loaded.