Public Access on WAMP 3.2.3

Has anyone installed Elgg on WAMP 3.2.3?

Has anyone edited "httpd.conf" or "httpd-vhosts.conf" on WAMP 3.2.3 for public access?

I would give anybody a shiny new nickel if they would tell me how to enable public access on WAMP 3.2.3.

Barring configuring WAMP 3.2.3 for public access, I have tried XAMPP and Tomcat for hosting an Elgg public website.  Would someone please recommend to me an open source Apache server package that I can run an Elgg website on a Win 10 Pro server?

This is most frustrating, I have a domain on Dyndns.  I have the Dyndns updater installed on my server and configured properly and I have ports 8- and 443 forwarded to my server which has a static IP.

Thank you in advance for any direction you can offer me.


Best regards...