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Please let me apologize in advance for upsetting the taboos that I am undoubtedly upsetting.

I'm a hobbyist.  I have a server machine that I did a clean install of Win 10 Pro ver. 1909.

I'm running WAMP64, 3.2.3, Apache 2.4.46, MySQL 8.0.21, PHP 7.3.21, MariaDB 10.5.4

I can access my sign in page from localhost on the server machine and from the web on the server machine.  However, the sign in page on the server doesn't work, I can't sign in.  I can sign in from localhost.

Also, when I attempt to access the sign in page from another device I get the sign in page apparently but the page is displayed in a simple, left justified test with blue text hyperlinks that don't do anything.  The $64.00 question is what did I do wrong during the installation?

  • In these cases, first you need to do is check your server error logs.

    Also, don't ask about your problems if you runned Elgg on the localhost.

    It's a very different situation instead of hosting.

  • "localhost" always refers to the computer you are currently using. If you used "localhost" as site url of your Elgg installation and try to access the site from the same computer the site is installed on it should work. But if you try to access the site from another computer "localhost" refers to this other computer so it does not fully work as the routing can't get resolved correctly.

    If you only want to set up a test site on your local computer but still want to access it from other computers you could either set up a nameserver in your local network or make use of the hosts file of your operating sytem to resolve a "domain name" to the computer's IP addresses of your network. Works best (maybe only works) with fixed IP addresses used in the network. The domain name should be some fantasy domain, e.g. "mysite.home.nil" not used on the Internet to avoid issues. And you would have to enter the domain name and corresponding IP address on any computer in your network you want to access your test site from. Then install your Elgg site with the domain name you entered in the hosts file as site url. How to find your hosts file? Try Google (I have actually no idea because I've totally given up Windows).

    If you want to access your site from a computer not within your local network it won't work with such a hosts file entry. In this case you would have to make use of some dyndns service. But as such a service is likely not to be found for free anymore you might think about hosting your site somewhere for real on a webhoster.