Help - Plugin Help

Greetings wise people of Elgg and beyond.

Here's my problem - it'll be great if you could help! I'm a newbie - just remember that.

I've got a plugin called Warpz_Message....

Ive got a file called: edit.php located in: mod/warpz_message/views/default/settings/warpz_message/

Inside the file is:

<p>Message to be displayed to IE users: 


echo elgg_view('input/text', array( 'internalname' => 'params[message]', 

                                        'value' => $vars['entity']->message,

                                        'class' => 'warpz_message_input-text')); 

 echo "Current message being displayed:";

 echo elgg_echo($vars['entity']->message);



This 'seems' to work fine... However, my problem comes when i want the message to be viewed on a specific page for example; I have a page called: message.php which IS displayed correctly within the elgg header.

inside the message file I have put:

<div class="warpz_message_input-text">

<?php echo elgg_echo($vars['entity']->message); ?>


But the message is not showing up.... Everything else i insert into the message.php file shows up (Like images, links ect...)


Any help is greatly appreciated, I Hope you understand. Thanks!