This add-on takes a lot of files in my hosting, how do I delete them identicon

I use this plugin, but I find in the usage stats. This add-on takes a lot of files and the number of files is limited in the hosting. I deleted the plugin, but the files I created are still there. How do I delete it

  • I really don't fully understand what you are trying to tell me. I guess it's difficult for you to write in English. Unfortunately, it's also difficult for me to understand the meaning of your postings.

    As I understand some files are deleted and others are not. The script only deletes image files created to be uses as user profile avatars. If you have also groups that used Identicon images as avatars, these would have deleted a bit differently. Also, I'm not sure if you partly refer to "directories" that are empty and not empty files? The script only deletes the files. The (empty) subdirectries named "identicon" where these files were saved remain undeleted.

    Maybe it's easier to do it differently and delete all the files and folder created by the identicon plugin in your data directory with a shell command.

    When you are in a Linux shell (e.g. logged in via ssh) and you are within the path of your data directory the command

    find . -name "identicon" -type d

    will list all paths within your data directory where folders with the name "identicon" are to be found. If you want to delete them all (after you made sure that the first command only lists directories you want to be deleted!), you can do that with the command

    find . -name "identicon" -type d | xargs rm -rf

    If you can't use these commands on your own, asked the support of your webhoster to do it for you.

  • The first command works and lists the files, but the second command does not delete them and gives this message find: `./.nc_plugin': Permission denied

  • Have you changed directory before entering the command to be in the data directory? Not sure why a hidden folder named .nc_plugin should be inside your data directory. Anyway, is the xargs command available? If not, you can't make use of it to delete the folders obviously (with the pipe operator | the xargs command makes use of the output of the find command to use is as input for the rm command).


    find . -name "identicon" -type d -exec rm -rf "{}" \;

    works for you instead (it complained about not finding the identicon folders I had created for testing but had deleted them nonetheless as I could verify by using the find command "find . -name "identicon" -type d" again).

    If you still get it working, ask your the support people of your webhoster for help or google for more info or try to help yourself otherwise. I won't spend anymore time with this matter.

  • I really thank you, although some files are still there, but I thank you for your help in removing some of them. This really helped me. Greetings