I used a lot of plugins to stop spam, but it still exists

Use this plugin
http: blacklist
Spam Login Filter
But the spam still exists. I was using this plugin in the version: https://elgg.org/plugins/2368593
But it does not work on the latest version. Is there a compatible version or a solution to stop spam?

  • Use https://elgg.org/plugins/1422171

    • Add manually all spam domains e.g. site.com to 'Blacklist'
    • Add the trusted email domains e.g. gmail.com to 'Whitelist'

    This plugin is saved 90% your site from the spam registrations.

    Of course, 'User email validation' plugin is activated.

  • RvR I have prepared this list in Allow


    Is this okay since all of these are the most popular email providers or just should I locate it on gmail

  • Manually add the trusted and spamed email domains to 'White/Black list' both.

  • Have you registered at StopForumSpam and created an API key there to make use of the spammer report functionality of Spam Login Filter? It won't stop spammer by 100% when reporting spammers at delting their accounts (and not just deleting them) - at least not immediately. But over time the number of spammers might decrease at least a  bit if they realize that the IP addresses they used when registering at your site gets blacklisted at StopForumSpam. I think that's the most promising approach.

    The blocking/allowing of domains with the Emaildomains plugin makes most likely not much sense if you are not sure that you won't get any members trying to register an account with an email address from another domain. And most spammers will have no problem using a fake mail address from any larger mail provider either! The limitation of allowed mail domains makes more sense (makes only sense?) for sites that would know for sure that they only have very few specific mail providers used by their members (maybe even only the single mail domain matching the site's domain).

  • i setp up StopForumSpam api

    I don't think spam can be stopped completely. They always come up with new ways to bypass this