Elgg 3: how to update time_created of annotations and metadata on updating value?

I only recently noticed that the time_created value of a metadata row is no longer updated when updatating the metadata value (as opposed to pre-Elgg 3).

For views counters in Tidypics and iZAP Videos a metadata entry is used and the time_created value of this metadata entry is used to list photos and videos respectively by "recently viewed". This no longer works on Elgg 3. When just updating the metadata value using the typical approach ($entity->views = $entity->views + 1;).

What's the recommened way to update time_created of metadata rows on Elgg 3?

Likewise, I would like to ask about basically the same issue with annotations. In this case the time_created value seems to have not been updated on updating the annotation on Elgg 2 already. It would be nice to be able to update the time_created value though for a similar purpose (order by "recently voted" taking into account someone changing/updating their vote - handled by annotations in Elggx Fivestar plugin).