Feedback for 3 column dashboard

Ok so I have a couple of questions for those using the dashboard so some feedback would be nice..

  1. Do you want your users to have control over any settings on the dashboard? and if so, what do you want them to control?
  2. Do you want external site links to go to a warning page before leaving the site? And do you want your users to be able to turn this off?
  3. Do you want a nofollow attribute applied to links posted in the river?
  • is it possible to get in feed replies, eg someone makes a post on the feed and then i or another user can post straight into the feed without having to click the link to the feed item, there is a facebook like widget by snow which does this, but the whole thing lacks the structure and coherence of Fusion's 3 column dash.

    Anyone working on this?

  • I have install it , and when i clock on Dashboard , I am gettin this and its showin this --->

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  • I'm not sure if Fusion is still working on this or not, but I'm in the midst of doing some modifications to the plugin myself since there hasn't been a release in a while.

    Does anyone have any specific features they'd like to see? I doubt it'll be less than a couple weeks before I'm ready to release anything, and, of course, I'd like to include things other people may want as well as what will serve my own site. :)

  • Has anyone tested this on 1.7a?  Will it be ready for 1.7?

  • Im still here...   just havent had time lately to work much on the dashboard.  But i do plan on recodeing the whole thing for 1.7

    Dagorath feel free to rip it up.  id like to see what you come up with..

  • @Fusion - cool!  Good news!

  • I've already done some work on it. I'll list thoughts and ideas and what I've done / am working on here:

    • I'm considering infinite scroll for the pagination - but first need to finish off a perl script to post a vast amount of random wire messages to my test site so I can actually see it in action and figure out whether it'd work on a big site or not.
    • I doubt I'll go with infinite scroll for the main riverdashboard although it's an intriguing concept but I might well move it onto it's own, secondary activity page - a "list all events ever" kindof thing.
    • Draggable widgets.
    • Animation for the refresh update. This is my primary desire right now, although I'm not experienced enough with javascript to pull it off immediately... Basically the idea is this: rather than refreshing the entire list, pull the data from the river, compare it to last set, and remove an equal number of entries from the bottom of the page as are added to the top of the page. In addition, there'll be extra code to ensure that if an existing request is already in progress, another will not take place for an extra X seconds configurable by the admin. So if you have 30 seconds between each refresh, you can add, say, 15 seconds on if a request is already in progress, and then another 15 if it's not already working, and so on. This should cut down unnecessary updates.
    • Also to cut down unnecessary updating and as part of a complete rewrite I'm working on for the autoupdating of the river, I'm considering keeping the connection alive (with heartbeat) to remove all the overhead of opening and closing the connection for every single refresh.
    • Lightbox for videos and images in the river. This neatly sidesteps the issue of the div reloading while you're watching a video, and widens the amount of things one can do without leaving the dashboard itself.
    • Lightbox-style popups for blogs. This would enable the reading of a blog entry on the riverdashboard (and possibly ajaxified commenting on that blog, too).
    • Ajaxify the wire textarea so no reload of the entire riverdashboard is needed when posting to the wire.
    • User-configurable widgets. IE, in user settings, have an area where users can select what will appear on their dashboard. Ideally, I'd like to have this open up in a lightbox-style popup when users click on a settings link on their dashboard.

    Less important but might be useful if/when everything else above is done, I'll likely minify all javascript and CSS in the entire plugin, and put all the originals into zips.

  • Dagorath - this all sounds superb! Should be a fantastic plugin!

  • I've got quite a bit done today, more than expected... I might be able to put up a "beta" of this by the end of the week. In fact, the thing that'll take longest is sanitizing my code so it'll work on other servers... heh.

  • @Dagorath - I look forward to testing your code. It sounds great.