Feedback for 3 column dashboard

Ok so I have a couple of questions for those using the dashboard so some feedback would be nice..

  1. Do you want your users to have control over any settings on the dashboard? and if so, what do you want them to control?
  2. Do you want external site links to go to a warning page before leaving the site? And do you want your users to be able to turn this off?
  3. Do you want a nofollow attribute applied to links posted in the river?
  • What would be exceptionally awesome would be the ability of users to control which widgets are displayed on their dashboard. Even the position. I -was- working on a three-column riverdashboard that allowed drag & drop of widgets, etc, but this turned out to be a bit of a lengthy proposition as I have other projects that are -much- more urgent... Not actually suggesting -that-, but, perhaps a simplistic first step would be to just allow control over which widgets out of the "pool" are displayed and have their positions fixed for the time being.

    For example, using my site as an example, I have a mibbit "shoutbox" on the top right. Some users might find it's autoconnect feature rather annoying if they don't use the site as I do (I'm always on the dashboard and open a new tab when I browse away), so being able to -not- have that for some users and have it for others would be very neat. Likewise some may find other things only add to the clutter and do not give information they -need-... so.

    Yeah. Control of the widgets would be nice, albeit not an urgent need.

  • right now admin can control which widgets are displayed in the plugin settings. I do plan to set up user settings that will give control over to the individual user so they can see what they want on their dashboard.

  • Currently, I use the riverdashbaord as a page within the site accessible through the top tool menu. this still allows the user to have there dashboard and be able to access the riverdashboard. The reason I did this was to allow the user to create there own content on the dashboard.

    So I agree your pluggin is awesome the only thing needed is a little more user control.  But you could still make certain items a default fixed position item. Such as the river, site announcement, and maybe the site news pluggin.

    Anyway great work and we all thank you for your ongoing help!!!!!! 


  • ok so would you all like to see the dashboard running independant from the wire so when you post on the dash it stays on the dash and not go to the wire?  Or do you like it the way it is?

  • Vote: I like it the way it is

  • Is it possible to have Admin user controls that would allow you to set it up either way. The flexibility would be awesome. For example on my site I allow the user to have there own dashboard with there widgets, but I promote your riverdash as the most important feature of the site. Giving the user the ability to as I put it "Catch up to anyone on the site". I think your river dash is the most awesome tool elgg has. I have recently secured an account with the "google wave" and I can see the potential of your river dash with some of these features incorporated into it. You are one the right track and are doing a great job.

    Every input by the user should go to the wire.  As it is the most important feature on elgg.           

  • Hello Fusion,

    Great plugin, I must admit. I like it the way it is (some exceptions) and would like to see whatever you want to add in it. E.g. users control what they want to see on their dashboard etc. (feeds are important).

    Also, the fix for (ads section) is not working even after replacing all those lines in edit.php as you described. When I goto Tool Administration and change the code in the "right hand box", saves it, come out, check the dashboard, no change, it still shows the original code/ads, and when I goto tool admin again, the code I entered in right hand box, is not there anymore.

    And one more thing, the auto refresh (back to the main page from anywhere) is very annoying. What it does in my case is: wherever I am, whatever I am doing (writing blog/comments, reading etc.) it will efresh back to the main page after few minutes. How do I remove that?


  • @ carter..  that wasnt a fix for that. the settings were not being saved on those 3 settings. the fix i posted was just to fix the save settings.

  • Thank you sir. Anxiously waiting for the new release. I think its "the" best plugin on the elgg and would be outstanding if more access is given to admins and users to rearrange widgets and add more widgets to it as they like.

    Great work. Can't have enough of saying this everytime I look at my site's dashboard.

  • Love to see a like button like facebook. Also a dislike button if possible as facebook does not have this feature :)