Cannot Login - Fresh Install

I installed using Sofaculous, fresh installation.  When I try to login using the admin username and password I created when I installed it I get the following error: Form is missing __token or __ts fields.  I have searched all over and everyone keeps pointing to the following URL for help:  However this URL DOES NOT HELP ME!  First I have no 3rd party plugins installed as I can not even login as the admin to begin with.  The only other thing the article says is it may be a server config issue.... and leaves it at that... which is not helpful at all. I installed this on my own KVM server so I'm the one who would have to fix the configurations of the server, but the help page tells me nothing and gives me nothing to go on. I'd really like to use Elgg... but this makes it completely unusable for me.

  • I don't know if Softaculous is capable of installing the recent versions of Elgg correctly. Maybe they maintain their installer but the Softaculous development has nothing to do with Elgg. The only possibility to make sure the problem is not due to Softaculous would be installing Elgg on your own (it's not that difficult actually).

    The link you are referring to mentions two possible reasons for the problem: 3rd party plugins not authenticating their actions correctly - unlikely the reason if it fails for you already with a fresh installation. The second reason is the server config which depends on what webserver you are using (Apache or Nginx). With Apache you would have the rewrite module installed and enabled and set the AllowOverride settings to All in the main Apache config file for the installation directory of Elgg.

    As RvR mentioned, the server log might give more info about what's wrong (maybe it's a rather unusual error nobody of us suspects).

  • So Thanks to both of you for your suggestions! Oddly though the issue was none of the above, lol. I hadn't yet issued an SSL certificate for the domain as I was just testing this software... I went ahead and issued an SSL and bang it installed and works just fine. Well except for a new problem. Any third party plugins that I download from this site I can't get to activate. They all give me the error that they can't find the start.php file. I checked in the directories and indeed there ARE NOT any start.php files for any of the thrid party plugins I have downloaded. So now I'm trying to figure that one out. If you have any ideas feel free to let me know! And thanks so so so much for all your help!