feature request - Guest join

user can join directly to the events. (user no need to be group's member to join)
- show face list

  • I would like to request 2 new features, if possible here.

    1. Add to my calendar - A button/link on an event which when clicked on will add that event to my calendar. This is useful when I see an event I am interested in, I can quickly add it to my calendar.

    2. Upload image - A file upload field in add event from where one can easily upload an image relevant to this event and is visible on the event view page.

    Let me know if I can assist you in getting these done.

  • My idea is to dispplay event info when u mouseover the calendar. I think when u saw month calender, the dates are filled with colors. so inorder to differentiate the normal date and event date, we should use different colors to show the events.





  • Add AM or PM for starttime and endtime. since some countries work with 12 hours and some country works with 24 hours.