Moving Elgg

I had a functioning elgg site that we moved to a new web host.  At first it failed to open and we found this was due to the settings file needing to reset the home directory.  once that was changed the site comes up but has lost its formatting.  It seems that everything is left justified.  Any suggestions about what to try next to bring it back to life?  using version 3.3.1

Many thanks for any help.  Tom

  • Have you read about duplicating an Elgg installation (that also refers to moving a site). Depending on what is different with regards to paths to folders on the servers (Elgg install directory, data directory) and site url you need to change some things (while can them leave unchanged in other cases). Also, flush the cache of your site to get rid of references to the old server in the cached files.

  • Thanks so much for the link!  I will dig into that and see what might be the problem. Great idea to flush the cache.  Didn't think of that!  Really appreciate your help with this, I remember you were very helpful before.  I hope to find a way to repay your kindness and helpfulness.  

  • Bummer, the flushed cache didn't help. I had a look at the link and from what I can gather the changes they recommend seem to be made already.  I may have missed something,  Who knows.  However, I realized that the new host (inmotion) has an app that automatically installs an instance of elgg.  I went ahead and installed another instance and when I opened it Elgg did the same thing that my version 3.3.1 was doing.  All there but no formatting. All left justified.  This makes me wonder if the problem is not in my installation but something with the web host?  I will contact them. 

    The site is working fine with all the different parts functioning, images and text all there but the only problem is the formatting is left justified which makes it pretty much unusable.  It seems that the page is simply not getting the CSS it needs to properly format things.  I have poked around but have been unable to find how elgg gets to the CSS. (i am assuming it uses CSS)  Does anyone know the path for this?  


    Thanks for any help.  Tom

  • Thanks for the ideas RvR.  I checked the DB and the names, passwords, users etc were exactly the same.  I am guessing that is not the difficulty but I could easily be wrong. If the path in the DB was wrong wouldn't that also impact whether it would be able to grab data and put it on the page?  It's able to do that just not format. Given the clean new install doing the same left justification thing I think i will wait to hear from the web host first before I put too much more effort into things. This may very well not be a problem with my installation. They should not take too long.....gulp.


  • Any wrong entries in settings.php, .htaccess or the database (database entries as mentioned in the site duplication instructions)? Any differences in using http OR https in different entries? Access/read/write permissions (and owner and group) of data directory sufficient and correct? To be 100% sure that no wrong references remain in the cached files you could rename the "cache" folder in your data directory (renaming is the fasted way here to backup it). The cache folder will get re-created automatically, and then it would be only with newly cached files (if recreation works not much point in keeping the cache folder backup as all cached files will be added as soon as being nececessary).

    Any feedback from the hoster yet?

  • @trgolden - my team had the same problem with CSS not loading when installing Elgg3.3.x. The issue we had was web server configuration (apache) - not Elgg. If your web host uses apache, you can ask them to add 'AllowOverride All' in the apache config file.