Issues after installing XMPP-client (pessek_chat)

After bringing the chat plugin to run, I experience the following issues:

- most important: on an android cell phone inside Firefox browser the chat window captures the whole screen. No chance to see the Elgg portal anymore. On my windows desktop it workes fine.

- the avatars were not synchronized, so they are missing in the chat plugin ... probably other fields as well. User name, name, password  freindships were synchronized.

- the online status does not really reflect the situation. I have users online and see there connection inside ejabberd log, but inside the chat window they are still offline

Can anyone help with these issues ?

  • Hermand, i discoverd a new issue with the chat plugin (hope that i am not annoying).

    If i click inside the chat window onto the "refresh symbol" right next to the word Contacts, simply nothing happens. I would expect to see som action inside the ejabberd log, but there is none.

    I also experience that the contact list is not up tp date, i.e. new freindships are not recognized.

    Do you have an idea about that ?

  • Hi @WalterZ,

    I am working on new release. So I will do a commit next week.

    - When you click on the refresh button, nothing should happen on the ejabberd server (log file as well). When you add a new friendship, if the users you just added as friend does no appear in the chat contact, you can click on the refresh button and you will see the user.

    - If the contact is not up to date just click on the refresh button.

    Try it and send me some feedback.




  • Hermand, again let me say thank you ! You do really a brilliant job to make this thing running.

    I appreciate your help very much !!!

  • You are welcome do not hesitate to contact me if you have some issues.



  • Regarding the websocket i got the following information from the ejabberd-guys:

    <If be "hitting something on my portal" you cause page reload in your webbrowser, then that is expected, this will cause browser to close any websocket connection that was estabilished on that page, and in normal situations that will end client session. There are a way to handle that properly though, if your client is able to handle stream management [], it can say server to keep session active even when connection get closed, and it should be able to resume that session after page reload on new websocket connection. But your client need to explictily configure that, and handle that protocol.>

    So I investigated if converse.js does support XEP-0198. It does ! One have to explicitly enable in

    enable_smacks: true,

    Hope this solves the problem.

  • Hey sorry to jump in here. But I have a few questions with getting this working myself. I'm a total newbie to all this stuff so be gentle. My main question is if your installation guide you have here: Is up to date? Ive been trying to following the instructions to a T with not really getting it to work right. I learned myself I had to substitute the version number of ejabberd in order to get it downloaded and installed. When I got to the part to log into the ejabberd admin panel things got weird. #1 for the username I had to add at the end of my username to get the login to work. Is this as expected? #2. Also your installation guide shows a screenshot of listed as a host with 1 user. When I logged in I showed no hosts and no users at all.

    #3.You show a screen shot of the plugin settings on the elgg site. I ASSUMED I needed to insert my server Ip address in instead of for the domain names and URLs at the end of the plugin configuration correct? By doing that... I can get the chat to show up when logged into my admin account... however it required me to login with the weird tagged at the end again. I tried to log in as a test user on my ipad and it would not allow a login to the chat at all.

    #4. I copied EXACTLY your configuration file and used its exact contents as my configuration file. Is this what you intended for someone following your instructions to do?

    #5. What would I need to do differently with mySQL if I wanted to set this up on a server that already has stuff like directadmin running therefore already has mySQL installed and running?

    #6. Does ejabberd need to be installed on the same server as my instance of elgg?

    I know this is a lot, but I'm at a loss here as to what to try next. Any help or suggestions I'd be forever grateful for. I realize I'm probably totally out of my league here in terms of if I have the know how to make this work, but I really do appreciate your work with this app as the end result will be EXACTLY what I'm needing.