Issues after installing XMPP-client (pessek_chat)

After bringing the chat plugin to run, I experience the following issues:

- most important: on an android cell phone inside Firefox browser the chat window captures the whole screen. No chance to see the Elgg portal anymore. On my windows desktop it workes fine.

- the avatars were not synchronized, so they are missing in the chat plugin ... probably other fields as well. User name, name, password  freindships were synchronized.

- the online status does not really reflect the situation. I have users online and see there connection inside ejabberd log, but inside the chat window they are still offline

Can anyone help with these issues ?

  • Dear @WalertZ
    1- which version of pessek_chat are you using ?
    2- the avatar is not synchronized. The feature will be implemented in the next release.
    3- normally the online status should reflect the reality. Have a look on auto_away setting define here

    Try to restart you ejabberd server.
    Clear the elgg cache as well as you browser cache and try again.

    4- about full screen issue. Do you have the same behaviour under other browsers?


  • Hello,

    1 - i am using ejabberd 20.04, Elgg 3.3.8 and your latest version of XMPP-client 2.0.
    2 - oh, Ok, i got this wrong
    3 - THX, i will follow your abvice
    4 - i just installed Chrome for Android - i can wipe the chat window away, bat after 1 second the chat window captures the screen again.Desktop (Windows&Apple) everything is fine, Old Android tablet i can select full screen chat from menu bar - everything fine. But on phones (Android & Apple) we have the above mentioned situation.

    Thnaks a lot for your help !

  • unfortunately i discoverd another issue: i am also connecting to ejabberd with a normal XMPP-client (gajim). I like the feature that i get a brief message when a user connects. Unfortunately with every click in the elgg portal there is some reconnecting between converse.js and ejabberd, so i get every time this brief message, that a user connected. This becomes anoying and makes this feature unusable.

    I can see this in the ejabberd logs as well. Wiht every click in the portal there is the following entry:

    2020-07-15 14:49:14.702 [info] <0.378.0>@ejabberd_listener:accept:256 (<0.767.0>) Accepted connection [::ffff:client-ip]:63243 -> [::ffff:server-ip]:5443
    2020-07-15 14:49:14.879 [info] <0.769.0>@ejabberd_c2s:process_auth_result:270 (websocket|<0.768.0>) Accepted c2s SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication for [user]@[host] by sql backend from ::ffff:client-ip
    2020-07-15 14:49:15.666 [info] <0.766.0>@ejabberd_c2s:process_terminated:294 (websocket|<0.765.0>) Closing c2s session for [user]@[host]/converse.js-60374159: Connection failed: connection closed
    2020-07-15 14:49:15.749 [info] <0.378.0>@ejabberd_listener:accept:256 (<0.770.0>) Accepted connection [::ffff:client-ip]:63245 -> [::ffff:server-ip]:5443
    2020-07-15 14:49:16.024 [info] <0.772.0>@ejabberd_c2s:process_auth_result:270 (websocket|<0.771.0>) Accepted c2s SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication for [user]@[host] by sql backend from ::ffff:client-ip
    2020-07-15 14:49:16.064 [info] <0.772.0>@ejabberd_c2s:bind:434 (websocket|<0.771.0>) Opened c2s session for [user]@[host]/converse.js-60374159

    Is there a way to keep the connection "alive" ?

  • Yes,

    You can keep you logged in across page loads by setting  keepalive  to true.

    For more details have a look here.



  • Hello Hermand,

    thanks for your help, I appreciate that very much.

    Unfortunately keepalive is already ste to true :-/

  • Hi ,

    You are right there something wrong with websocket.  You can have a look to this link. I will investigate in detail this week-end.



  • I have some more information: I tried to update my contact details via the converse plugin (avatar, website, mailadresse) into ejabberd, but instead I found the following error message (partly translated from german to english) in my browsers dev tools (FF)

     FATAL: null 2 converse-core.js:286:17
        log converse-core.js:286
        setVCard converse-profile.js:104
    The connection wss://[my-domain]:5443/ws was closed while the page was loaded. websocket.js:159 (I translated this one)
     ERROR: Websocket error [object Event] converse-core.js:282:17
        log converse-core.js:282
        error converse-core.js:297
        _onError websocket.js:406

    Should this work, or is this operation not permitted ?

  • Hi WalterZ,

    It should work. I sent the issue to conversejs team. 

    So we could follow their answer from here.

    I will try this week to downgrade the conversejs library version.


  • Hermand, whow, thank you very much for helping me with this.

    I couldn't have placed such a skilled request to the conversejs experts.

  • Hi Hermand, do you have an idea about the full screen issue happening on smart phones ? Unfortunately this prevents users from using my portal, because they cant see it. On the other hand i can not switch off the chat functionality, because the remaining user love to use this ... this is quite a dilemma for me :-/