Support on Widgets via Widget Manager testing for Elgg 3.3.6

This post is not asking for some immediate solution, but for some help regarding the following findings. Are you all also getting the same findings (if you have tested)? If not, I may be doing something wrong, and need to re-test and re-test before posting a github issue.

Elgg version 3.3.6 Plugin version  widget_manager_v9.0

When  Widget Manager custom index is used, the widgets in the index page is not showing any data, for example, Activity widget, Blog widget etc not showing any activity. Also widgets like Message Board (when activated via Widget manager) is not saving any data, rather showing error message.

In Group context also, Activity widget is not showing any data. Also the Group widgets have no "post a new content" link, making it difficult for the user to find out how he can add a new discussion or a content. Discussions Widget also not found.