How to have same set of text editor buttons in any text box in Elgg 3x ?

Another thing I find with Elgg 3x is that, in the comment text box, some of the buttons e.g. image, paste etc do not appear. But in Elgg 2x as well as here in Elgg org we have same set of text editor buttons everywhere. I am curious to know how this is being done, and what config options I can  add or alter in code to make the text editor buttons context sensitive (for example, a blog post, a comment, box, a file description field etc)

In Elgg 2x, see : there are same set of buttons in blog post and comment boxes

In Elgg 3x (default, clean and fresh install, nothing else done), some of the buttons in comment box have disappeared. How to make them appear?

I like the built in options in Elgg 3x that by default hides the so many buttons in comment text box, this is what I was exactly thinking to do. So it will be great if anyone can show where (in which code or files) Elgg is exactly doing this. If I know this, this knowledge can be applied to other text area boxes in different contexts like File, Group description etc.