Read data from own plugin settings Elgg 3.0

I am trying to make a plugin (obviously), but I'm very new to this. I've followed a plugin (garbagecollector) for this one.

What do I want it to do; 

1 - On the settings page of my plugin I'd like an admin to enter a certain string.
2 - The string that has been entered should be shown on the footer of the page. 

Now, I have seen that in previous versions of elgg, this could have been done with "elgg_extend_view();". If we forget the elgg extend thing, I'd just want it to be seen on the page. Even if it's just with the simple php's echo...

This is what I have on my settings.php:

/* this plugin is located in /views/default/plugin/testplugin/settings.php
 * Elgg TestPlugin settings.
$plugin = elgg_extract('entity', $vars);
$testpluginid = $plugin->testpluginid ?: 'Your ID';
echo elgg_view_field([
'#type' => 'text',
'#label' => elgg_echo('testplugin:id'),
'name' => 'params[testpluginid]',
'value' => $testpluginid,
On my foot.php I have tried to show it through a lot of different ways, but I have no idea how elgg actually thinks. I don't even know where I have stored the data that had to be given (testpluginid). I don't know how to call it... Can someone please help me out on this one? If you need more info, please don't hesitate. 


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Beginning Developers

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