Issue with Plugin Manager

Hi all,

I am trying to install some plugins. I think some issues will dissolve as I get others working but initially I need to get the plugin_manager working.  It gives this error: Cannot find parser for manifest API version 1.7 in plugin plugin_manager. 

I have version 14 of the plugin manager which has version 1.8 of the manifest.xml so why is it complaining about version 1.7?  Is something I'm missing making a call back to the wrong version? 

I opened my files in windows and copied them over via Filezilla.  I did check file permissions and everything checked out OK.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  • Seems, you've a problem with the permissions on your files/folders, or path to this plugin is wrong, so Elgg can't find the manifest.

  • Are you asking about the plugin named "Plugin Manager" or about the plugin named "Profile Manager"? I don't see any version 14 of the Plugin Manager plugin and this plugin is totally outdated and most definitely no longer working in any recent version of Elgg of the last 5 years.

    As for the Profile Manager plugin there is a version 14. But then the next question is which version of Elgg you have installed. Version 14 is for Elgg 3.0 and will not work on older versions of Elgg. If you have a newer version of Elgg (e.g. Elgg 3.3) you might want to try the very latest version oi the Profile Manager plugin from which are not yet available here on the community site.

    The file permissions could also be a problem as RvR already mentioned. You should not extract the zip archives of plugins on Windows as you will lose any Linux file permissions concerved in the archive. Better is to copy the zip file to the server and extract it there.

  • Lots of info here! Thanks all.  I'll dig in and report back =)

  • Ok. The versions were off.  Got rid of Plugin Manager and switched to version 15 of Profile Manager and those issues have been corrected.  Thanks!  Profile Manager is throwing an error now.  See below:

    profile_manager (guid: 62) cannot start and has been deactivated. Reason: Error in plugin "profile_manager": ColdTrick\ProfileManager\Bootstrap must implement Elgg\PluginBootstrapInterface

    What I saw said I needed to edit code.

  • 1 - Stop to panic!

    2 - Which your Elgg version?

    3 - Where do you download the plugins from?

    4 - How do you install them (plugins)?

  • Elgg Version: 3.3

    Download Site: or Github

    ProfileManager was installed by copying zip file over to mod directory on server and then unzipping.  I have unzipped some of the files in Windows and copied them over.  They 'seem' to be ok so far but may run into issues but ProfileManager was done correctly.  A dependency I installed incorrectly?

  • You can't load a new plugin's version over old version using the unzipped way.

    In this case you must remove old plugin's folder and place a new unzipped plugin's version instead.

    Also, run 'Flush the caches'.

  • If you have problem with Plrofile Manager plugin only then ask it on the plugin's authors page.

  • I did remove the folder before copying the new one over.  Did not flush cache but I'll try that.

  • Flushing the cache fixed that issue.  I have elgg up and running now.  I keep adding the plugins that I want but I am running into compatibility issues with the elgg version that I am using.  Should I downgrade and wait for the plugins to catch up?