Help upgrading Elgg - Work assignment

We are a talent platform and have implemented Elgg for the social interaction of employees and candidates (onboarding module). Need your help with this assignment to make Elgg more user friendly - 

•Social dashboard (social view) has a central feed (wall) which runs on ELGG (primarily on php)
•Sequence of activities to be completed  :
1.You need to make the feed management, chat (p2p) very smooth and seamless on web and mobile with enhancements
2.Sharing articles, videos, image, documents and links with auto thumbnails. Video player to play it on the app – web and mobile
3.Activate like share comment
4.Kudos tab - Stickers for appreciation
5.Emoticons for posting feeds and messaging
6.Attachments to be allowed
7.Push & Desktop notifications & alerts to be activated
8.User management to be made simple and permission based
9.Add more plugins to central feed to make it more fun, versatile and functional
10.Ability to direct the post to individuals only, group, team they are part of or all (whole organization – permission based)
11.Follow & following people, friend request, user-status
12.Poll plug-ins
13.share to be enabled for all social platforms esp. FB, Linkedin, Email, whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter,  WeChat, youtube.
14.P2P messaging chat – we hv the groups facility added already
15.Ensure the mini cards on the Social dashboard are updated with the teams they are part of, groups, p2p chats with others within the organization & our recommended mentors- alert when new message comes
16.Use # tags and @ for specifically addressing a user
17.Messaging can be edited
18.Text editing plugin to make the font styling and save it as default for the user
Please let us know if you can help us, the timeline and cost. 
Best / Linda
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Professional Services

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