Performance of Elgg community website

Elgg's main website seems running balzing fast. The site loads very quickly and complex searches seems to be running smooth.

Can someone from the core team provide us the details of the server environment, the performance boosting configurations etc. used for the elgg website so that we can have a look at it?

  • Look for something among the old blog posts.

    You might also be interested in this and this.

  • Thanks RVR. I have gone through those links. Most of them were created 4-5 years back in the pre Elgg 2.x era.

    Many of those optimisations become part of the core like simplecache, HTML CSS tidy options, minification etc.

    In those posts there are multiple optimization techniques have been mentioned which we generally do for most web applications.

    What I was asking about was the hardware configurations, and specific optimization methods (among those mentioned in the list) used here in community website. The community website performance seems amazing.

  • What I can find about the server specs is

    • 2 cores
    • 4GB memory
    • no memcache
    • local DB
    • PHP 7.0
    • local SOLR instance for search

    You can find all the plugins installed on the community site here

    I think the biggest performance gain comes from moving the search to a dedicated search engine. This will speed up the search and unburden the database from all the heavy search queries.

  • Thanks Jerome for the input. 

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