Could anyone confirm: Spam Login Filter issue with blocking access to register page (BEFORE entering anything!)

Hi all,

I got a report from someone who failed to register an account on my site. Account registration is protected with Spam Login Filter plugin checking credentials at StopForumSpam. Additionally, the register page is access protected by Spam Login Filter (checking already on accessing the page also at StopForumSpam).

This worked fine until a few days at least. Now it seems to access protection might be the problem. And that's what I would like to hear from a second tester to confirm...

Problem I think is that Spam Login Filter asks at StopForumSpam if email address and IP are known from spamming. But accessing the register page and checking BEFORE anything entered obviously can't check any email address!!! Now there's nothing returned (as opposed to maybe return code 0 before indicating everything allright) but with nothing returned the access to the register page gets blocked (blank screen) and you also would get an error message about the blocking when returning to the previous page.

When NOT doing the email check when no email address is available it seems to work fine. So, it would be necessary to make a fixed release of the Spam Login Filter plugin (if anyone still maintains it???). But I would like to know if I am the only one having the problem or if anyone could reproduce the issue.

  • What is the url of your website? will be happy to check.

  • I am maintaining this plugin and also using this repo in two of my website. I am not having any such issue. At least none of my users have complained.

  • I don't have any issues with my site anymore. As I said, I already fixed it for myself. I just wondered if anyone else would have the same problem and a fix in Spam Login Filter would be necessary for everyone.

    @Rohit Are you making use of StopForumSpam on these sites AND do you make use of protecting the access to pages like the registration page (not the registration process as such) with StopForumSpam? If not, there's no point in saying it works for you as the problem is the reply when making a request to StopForumSpam with an email but without providing the email (as it happens with queries for logged-out visitors where you have no mail address if the only visit a page). The expected answer is '0' but I suddenly got no reply anymore at all. If this issue is no issue on your sites it might be something else I would have to look into (not sure what though apart maybe curl suddenly starts to act differently).