Help with users not being able to comment

Alright- I searched the site- found the other topics (no answers there) and I cant figure this out- I updated to elgg 3.5 (the newest one) but for some reason Users cant comment on anything- only admins can. I cant seem to get it to work-I've tried getting into settings, tried removing/updating plugins/changing plugins... I just cant figure it out-

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?

  • This issue was in Elgg 3.1.3 but it's fixed.

    If you haven't any 3rd party installed plugin (if yes then disable them) try this:

    1 - Click on 'Upgrade' button on the Dashboard (administration page)

    2 - Go to yoursite/admin/upgrades page and run all non-comleted scripts.

    3 - finally, run 'Flush the caches' on the Dashboard