Exporting all text data of an individual user in Elgg 3.5.5

First of all, I think this question was asked before. Myself or some-one else, but I am not finding now how can I make it work for Elgg 3.5.5. The issue is this : suppose an user asks to export all his data in sql file or csv or text (not images, just Blog post texts, Wire texts, Book marks texts etc). This can happen if an user wants to quit the site but, as is nowadays norm in many social sites, wants to take away his or her data alongwith.

is there a way (like in drupal or wordpress blog) I can directly enter db via phpmyadmin and export all the data of that individual users in a dump file or whatever, and then delete. If the user re-decides to join, he or she then mails/sends me that dump, I import it as admin via phpmyadmin - presto! his or her data is all restored as before.

Please note I am keeping image files or any media files out of the scope of this. Thanks.

  • Forget about it and NEVER share SQL files from your DB.

    Look at some plugins/options in plugins by ColdTrick (hint: CSV export).

    And please stop to bomb Elgg 3.5.5, we've 3.3.5 yet ;)

  • Have I been on a time machine :)

    Thanks for the information. CSV export does that, but it seems to export contents (example all blogs) rather than Users (blogs written by one specific user) but I may be wrong. I will install that and check.