Individual database table size

Several hosts limit your database table size (one individual table) to 1 GB or less. They will not mind if you have 100 or unlimited tables each of half GB but if one table surpasses 1 GB, your account gets locked. This usually does not happen with most sites or may be they have DED servers. Here I am speaking of high end or geek type Shared servers (or may be VPS even). When I was using Drupal, it used to cache all search results in one table and that table used to exceed 1 GB. With all these info in background I was wondering, if anyone can throw light on the following:

1) High End Shared Webhosts who do not restrict size of an individual table - recommendations for Elgg in '20
2) How large the elgg_metadata table can get with moderate usage of a blog based site? Previously in Elgg, data was stored in several tables I think (not sure) but now ALL the data goes in ONE elgg_metadata, which can quickly make it huge and resource-hungry (may be, I am asking)
3) I was just wondering (with a fresh install and almost no data) Elgg 3.5.5 has elgg_river (10 rows and almost no data) : 112 kb BUT elgg_metadata which has quite a lot of data and 82 rows so far : 64 kb only. How this is possible ( scratches head emoji).
4) Does Elgg cache Search results (where?) and if not, does it search fresh every time for the same search word?

Thanks for any ideas/info/knowledge/discussion you can share in your leisure time. This is not an urgent issue or an urgent support request. 

  • Several hosts limit your database table size (one individual table) to 1 GB or less.

    I'm surprised you still use such hostings.

    Google in 'VPS' instead of 'shared'.

    You can enable/disable DB query cache in elgg-config/settings.php: